Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Female wrestler is Queen of the mat! Just ask these guys she pinned

Women take over wrestling in India

Female wrestler shocks the crowd by beating a male opponent!

Just a few years ago no one had heard of such a thing. But now women are entering traditional wrestling competitions in India, challenging men and pinning them.


This woman wrestler has blazed a path for others. dozens of men have raced to challenge her thinking they can easily defeat her. and each time they end up on their back. *********************************************************************  

Here's a compilation of her pinning guy after guy after guy *********************************************************************

Here's her latest match. This guy is tough. He was stunned when she pinned him.



Another man she beat


And here's a newspaper article about the woman wrestler who fights men.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

AMAZING!! 170-pound guy gets his ass kicked by female wrestler! TWICE!!!


Here's a still shot of the pin. She owned him from start to finish. He finally stopped fighting when she put him on his back. He knew he was beat.

But she wasn't done with him. She pins him again in a rematch!!!