Friday, December 26, 2014

Devastating pin by female wrestler!

She totally overpowers him but shows some nice sportsmanship at the end. offers him her hand to help him up off the mat.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Indian female wrestlers are taking on men and WINNING!

Woman wrestler overpowers male wrestler

LUCKNOW: For the audience, which had gathered at Hari Chand Inter College Ground to witness the famous man versus woman wrestling duel, the wait was rather agonising.
However, as soon as both the wrestlers shook hands and engaged in wrestling, the energy level of the audience reached a new level.However, the enthusiasm of the audience was short-lived, as in flat 90 seconds, the female wrestler overpowered the male wrestler leaving him in the lurch and confused, much to the amusement of the audience who acknowledged her wrestling acumen and skills.his is the second consecutive year in which a female wrestler had overpowered a male wrestler.The match, which was intentionally kept as the penultimate fight of the day, attracted large number of onlookers and visitors including armymen, who willingly parked their cycles, motorcycles and even heavy vehicle to catch a glimpse of this unique fight, where the women wrestler Bhawna Narwale challenged male wrestlers to have a one-to-one duel with her."I challenge everyone present here except the children and older generation to have a one-to-one fight with me," Bhawna said.After a couple of minutes, her challenger - Kaushal emerged from the crowd to accept the challenge.After the customary handshake with the chief guest and guest of honour, the wrestlers took on each other.However, as soon as the audience started to settle in to watch the match of the day, the woman wrestler from Varanasi pounced upon the man from Jhansi, and before he kew what hit him, Kaushal was overpowered and pinned by his female foe in about 90 seconds."I am thankful to the organisers of Lucknow Mahotsava for giving me a platform and opportunity to prove that I am not less than anyone. Owing to hardships, which I faced at homes, I was unable to pursue wrestling. But, gradually things changed for the good, and today, I am in a position to take on even the men wrestlers," said Bhawna, and broke down.In another tournament:

Female wrestler beats man in front of crowd of thousands