Monday, July 4, 2011

Battle of the Sexes on The Wrestling Mat - Part 2

A few more matches were wrestles before it was Satoko's turn again. She was stretching and jumping at the corner of the mat to warm up. Her opponent was a guy I had seen wrestle a little while ago. His name was Takihada and he was wearing a singlet from his university. He didn't laugh as he looked over at his female opponent. He saw her pin the first guy who didn't take her seriously. So she had earned some respect.
The referee signaled for the wrestlers to come to the center of the mat. They faced each other and shook hands. Satoko was shorter than her opponent, but her legs looked more powerful. His shoulders were broader but she had well-defined biceps and the looked about equal in strength.
The ref blew the whistle and they locked up. Satoko shot a takedown, but Takihada caught her, pushed her head down and tried to swing around on top of her. But Satoko grabbed hold of his hairy calf and wouldn't let go. He wrapped his arms around her waist and tried to turn her, but her broad hips made that more difficult. He obviously wasn't used to wrestling a woman.
As he worked to roll her, Satoko had slid her arms up his leg and into his crotch so his balls were resting on her arms. She flexed a little and Takihada let out a groan as her bulging tricep put pressure on his testicles.
She pushed into his midsection, forcing Takihada to break his hold on her and move into a defensive position on his belly as Satoko took control over him.
A buzzer sounded indicating the end of the first period and both wrestlers went back to their corners.
Satoko's coach was giving he some advice as he massaged her muscular shoulders.
Takihada was getting an earful from his coach. I think he was mad that he couldn't pin her and was worried that his wrestler might even be defeated by a woman.
The wrestlers came back on the mat and as soon as the whistle sounded they lunged for each other. This time it was Takihada who shot first. He went in for a high crotch and brought Satoko's leg up as high as his head. It took him a while to get her down because she was so flexible, but he managed to kick her other leg out from under her and the two went down to the mat with a massive thud.
Takihada pressed his body down on Satoko's back. He drove his arms under her armpits and pressed his sweaty black hair against her cheek. Satoko grimaced as she tried to fight him off.
Takihada managed to get one arm around her head, bringing Satoko into a painful headlock. Slowly he turned her and then grabber her near leg, putting her in a cradle.
Satoko's coach yelled at her to kick out of it as Takihada's coach and teammates cheered loudly.
Satoko kicked and kicked, but it seemed futile. Her shoulders were almost pinned.
Takihada looked at his coach and smiled as he squeezed.
I noticed that Takihada was a little off balance. I thought that maybe his confidence was making him careless.
That's the sort of thing that let's female wrestlers beat men. And Satoko had obviously discovered that before.
With a burst of strength she kicked over to one side and rolled, taking Takihada with her. Suddenly, Takihada was on his back with his ass in the air as Satoko strained to pin him. Satoko's coach had jumped out of his seat and was screaming. Takihada's coach look stunned. His eyes were bulging out of his head as he yelled for his wrestler to get out of that hold.
But it was too late. Satoko rocked him a little more and pressed his shoulders down into the mat. Takihada flailed his big hairy legs, but it was no use. She owned him.
The ref slapped the mat and Satoko jumped up as he coach ran onto the mat to hug her.
Takihada rolled over as she freed him from that humiliating position. He was stunned. He grabbed his head with his hands and banged his fist on the mat.
He slowly got up to acknowledge his defeat, bowing deeply to Satoko as the referee raised her arm above him.
The pin moved Satoko up a notch so she was definitely going to place in the men's division. She just had one more match to see if she would actually get first place.

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