Sunday, September 4, 2011

MMA Fight Night - Women Beat Down the Men

While I was in Japan, a friend told me about a special MMA event called Battle of the Sexes. Some of the best women fighters were going to take on the men. This I had to see.

This shot is from the training area before the show. The guy was a lot bigger than her, but she managed to pummel him anyway.

This was great match. They were both standup fighters, so lots of kicks and punches. He landed a powerful kick right to her head early on, but she was tough and just took it. In the second round, he tried to bring her into his guard for some wrestling, but she jumped right over his legs and started beating on his head. Punches were raining down as he tried to cover his face for protection, but it was no use. The referee came and stopped the fight before she really hurt him.

This guy sucked. She wasn't that great a fighter either, but spent most of the match on top of him trying to land punches. She won by decision.

This match was awesome -- it was all grappling. He's a really famous fighter and a lot bigger than her. But she is a great grappler, so she just concentrated on technique. Except here, where, she she got behind him and somehow managed to pick him up and toss him onto his back. He was so stunned that she was able to mount him and apply a devastating armlock. The big guy was begging for mercy and tapping as hard as he could to make her stop the punishment.

This was the best match of the night between two skilled grapplers. The top photo shows the female fighter after she climbed up his torso. She gave him a few hard kicks to his stomach and I hope he was wearing a cup because she also delivered a few powerful blows to his crotch. Then she flipped him over and clamped onto his arm. I could hear him screaming as she applied a painful armbar. Finally he tapped out. In a show of respect to the female champ he rolled onto his knees and put his head down at her feet. After the ref raised her arm in victory, they gave her the microphone and she gave a little victory speech as her beaten male opponent looked on.


  1. Awesome Fighter! What is her name, and Where does she fight?

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  3. Where we can watch the videos of these fights

  4. Where we can watch the videos of these fights