Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wrestling: A Woman's Sport

Just spent a few days in Taiwan for a story on the national women's team. Wrestling is a pretty new sport in Taiwan and most of the emphasis is on the women's program. Basically, wrestling is woman's sport there. They don't bother segregating practice sessions. And they mostly practice male vs. female. The live goes were pretty amazing. The girls didn't just hold their own, they pounded on the guys. Everywhere you looked there was a female wrestler grinding her opponent into the mat.

Here, the wrestlers are pairing off

This guy got a serious beatdown from a talented female opponent.

The three guys on the left were no match for the ladies on the right. The guy on the end spent a good minute clamped in a tight headlock before the female wrestler wore him down enough to pin him.

These guys got beaten up by the same girl.


  1. Hi love this blog. Do you have more photos or videos of the match of the blog photo. Who is she?

  2. It's a splendid blog.But whether you would like to share more?Waiting for your reply.

  3. Very interesting that in Taiwan wrestling is an intergender sport. I'm all for it. There are plenty of videos showing matches where females defeat males because wrestling is a skill, not a power, sport. Therefore, with good conditioning, strategy, stamina, and resourcefulness, a female can defeat a male wrestler. Therefore, high schools and colleges should all have mixed gender teams. Besides, gender discrimination is illegal under Title IX and it should be enforced.

  4. Hi, I'm actually traveling to Taiwan and wanted to find out if there is place like this for me to train. Care to send me the details of where this is? I know it's a long shot being that this is an old thread, but I have been searching everywhere and can't find anything?...

  5. The same will happen in Western countries as well. Girls are usually kept to themselves, but if they're allowed to take on the guys, it's a relentless female onslaught.