Saturday, December 22, 2012

Female Champ Pins 9 guys!!!

The guy starts out strong, taking her down a few times. But she puts him on his back as time runs out in the first period. He's saved by the bell. But she puts him right back where he was in the second period and there's no clock to save him. Ref slaps the mat. He's pinned. She finishes this guy off fast Another guy down Looks like she's gonna rip this guy's head off She takes this guy down fast and doesn't let him up. He tries to bridge out of hit, but there's no escape. Another pin! She pins this dude in about 8 seconds She pins another guy Totally crushes this dude. He looks devastated She flips him on his back fast. He fights hard, but she's got him wrapped up in a vice. Finally the ref slaps the mat and she gets the pin

1 comment:

  1. Just think of all the other boys she's dominated that there isn't video evidence of.