Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Korean Women Wrestlers Beat Up Male Training Partners

The Korean Olympic committee decided to send some male wrestlers to train with the women's team so the women could improve. But the guys ended up getting their asses kicked. One of the bigger women destroyed a male heavyweight. He stepped onto the mat thinking he would teach her a thing or two about wrestling, but in a matter of minutes she had him on his back and he was struggling to free himself. He tried to bridge out of it, but she broke him down and pinned him. Then she dragged him to his feet so she could beat on him some more. The lighter weight guys were totally outclassed. One of them said that getting beat by a female wrestler was tolerable and he could learn from them to make him a better wrestler. He will have time. From now until the end of next month they'll be taking on the women's team once a month. Get Adobe Flash Player

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