Monday, October 6, 2014

Famous Indian wrestler gets pinned by female champ

In a remarkable feat, Neha tomar, a 17-year-old wrestler from Rudrapur Uttarakhand, challenged and defeated Sonu Pehlwan, a famous local male wrestler.

Tomar was adamant to go against any male wrestler in a unique battle-of-the-sexes contest.

Pehlwan was left startled even before the contest. He, along with several other male wrestlers, initially ignored Tomar’s challenges for a fight. But the girl remained persistent.

Pehlwan finally gave in and subsequently a combat between the two was organised at Jogi Navada locality of Bareilly.

Pehlwan was older than Tomar, more experienced than her and also weighed 16 kgs more. However, to the amazement of the audience, it was the determined wrestler who emerged as the winner.

An audience compiled of wrestlers and localites, cheered Tomar on and witnessed an unusual moment as Tomar pinned Pehlwan to win the contest.

The match lasted for less than ten minutes as Tomar’s strength and movements were too much for Pehlwan to handle. Related A delighted Tomar spoke said that she wanted to prove her strength to everyone.

"I wanted to show the women participants present here that we are no less in strength and can be equally good at the sport. But the actual reason for which I challenged the male wrestlers was that I had already beaten all the women participants in the event," Tomar said.

 Event coordinator Sushil Sharma admitted to be shocked on the challenge. "It was a surprise for us too when Neha challenged male wrestlers. But we did not want to hurt her feelings either. So when Sonu Pehlwan agreed to fight her, we made an exception to the rules. To our utter surprise, the match was unpredictable till the very end when Neha pinned him down," Sharma said.

 Whether male wrestlers accept further challenges or back away from the possibility of losing remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, that the future for this talented wrestler is extremely bright.

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