Thursday, August 27, 2015

guy taps out to female grappler

he's totally stunned but she's shows sportsmanship by helping him off the mat after she makes him submit


  1. Tapping out to a girl while looking at her sex ass is about as emasculating as it gets. I'd rather die than tap out to a girl with my arm between her legs looking at her ass and he'll be jerking off every time she sees this video or even thinks about it. It made me jerk off and cum just watching it.

  2. I was head scissored by a tough butch girl once who demanded I give up. When I refused she told me she would just keep pumping me. I again refused to give and then I could take any more and screamed "enough." She just kept going and told me, "No way, you had your chance." What made it worse is that is was my girl friend's younger sister.